- enter code to activate amazon prime - Simply head on over to enter code or and follow the on-screen instructions. Create an account on Amazon Prime Video from your TV official website and enjoy watching your favorite shows and great movies.

Importnat Points to remember about

  1. Provide the 5 or 6 character code found in the Amazon Video app on the TV or device at
  2. This character amazon mytv activation code will link the customer’s TV to their Amazon account.
  3. The entire process should take less than 1 minute to complete Designed for mobile accounts and desktops.
  4. Amazon has recently raised wages for employees but prices are still better than Walmart.

How to activate Amazon prime on smart tv from

  1. Search for Amazon Prime Video in your Smart TV
  2. Now you have to choose options to sign in from “Register on the Amazon Website” and “Sign in and Start”.
  3. You will get Amazon verification code, Note it.
  4. Open your web browser and visit
  5. Enter your 6 digit amazon mytv code and enjoy amazing movies and shows

Why you should have Amazon Prime video?

  1. Same Delivery service
  2. All the subscribers of amazon prime video will get the facility of same-day delivery if they order from For same-day delivery, the minimum value of the order should be $35. Also, you need to place an order before noon to get the delivery on the same day.

  3. Membership Sharing
  4. You can share your amazon prime video account with four members. This will help them also to enjoy unlimited entertainment as well as other features of amazon prime video. This can also be gifted to someone on their special day.

  5. Cloud photo storage
  6. Along with entertainment, you can also save your photos with amazon photos. Amazon offers unlimited photo storage area to its subscribers.

  7. Ad-free Streaming
  8. As we see there are many platforms on which you can watch movies but they also give so many ads as a gift. But if you have amazon prime membership then you don’t need to worry about ads because amazon prime offers ad-free streaming to their subscribers.

  9. Rental Ebooks
  10. Amazon Prime video allow their users to rent kindle ebooks at very low cost. Also, all the subscribers can download one E-book for free. This is very beneficial for those who love to read books.

After verifying your device you are all set to watch Amazon Prime video on your device. Your device will automatically refresh and link you with your account. The whole process is the same for all the devices. But if you hassle while activating amazon prime video using or then you can contact us immediately for technical assistance.